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Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

We offer one of the world’s simple luxuries — custom-tailored dress shirts for dress or casual wear. You can choose from hundreds of the finest cotton & cotton blend fabric styles and colors. You choose every detail!

Custom Tailored Suits

A well-made custom suit gives you confidence and allows you to move in comfort. Our choice of fine designer fabrics and styles combined with the fit only custom tailoring can offer will give you an edge in any environment.

Custom Tailored Sports Jackets

A custom-tailored sports jacket with a perfect fit and outstanding fabric will let you make an important statement about yourself in more casual settings. You’ll be well dressed in jeans or slacks with a bespoke sports jacket.

Special Package Pricing

Purchasing custom tailored clothing as a package saves you time and money, and ensures you’ll have a well-planned wardrobe for all occasions.

Custom Tailored Dress Shirts

Six Custom Made To Measure Shirts
Starting at $567.00

Experience quality and personal service from our Master Tailor. Finest cotton & cotton blend fabrics. English, Egyptian, Sea Island, and Swiss Cotton.

Made to your exact measurements, style & specifications.

Gold Package

2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Starting at $2,397.00

Choose from over 500 of the finest Super 100-120 English fabrics.

Suits will have many exclusive features including slacks half lined.

Silver Package

2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Starting at $2,067.00

Choose from over 500 of the finest 80s - 100% Superfine Wool Worsted fabrics.

Suits will have many exclusive features.

Platinum Package

2 Suits + 1 Jacket with Pants or 3 Suits
Starting at $3,327.00

Choose from over 300 of the finest Super 130-150 English/Italian fabrics from the quality mills of Dormeuil, Scabal, Valentino, Garavani, etc.

Suits have many exclusive features including slacks half lined and jacket sleeves with working button holes.

*Pricing on this chart reflects only the cost of the garment, excluding shipping and duties. All prices are quoted in US dollars. There is no charge for your consultation and fitting.

Ken Daswani Custom Tailor

Ken Daswani

"With over 50 years in the business, you can be confident you'll get the fit and price you deserve."

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Booking In The US & Canada Now!

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5-Star-Review"Ken offers his excellent service right to the door of your business office or home. He did an outstanding job fitting and measuring me, without cutting corners, for wonderful custom made suits I wear daily that were very reasonably priced.

"Most impressive though is his outstanding follow-up and attention to detail. I would highly recommend Ken when you've decided to take your wardrobe and professional appearance to the next level."

Travis Neliton

Mortgage Consultant

5-Star-Review"I had been working for months to find dress attire that would fit me properly, including another tailor I found online that had rave reviews. On the advice of a friend, I went to Ken.

"Ken came to my house, measured me up once, and the clothes fit perfectly the first time - not even a single adjustment needed. He has a wide selection of colors and fabrics at various price points and his attention to detail is impeccable. I'm very happy with my purchases so far and would highly recommend Ken to anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe."

Brent Richter

Healthcare Service Operations Manager

5-Star-Review"Ken takes the hassle out of buying. No more driving to the mall to try and find a suit. Personally, I hate shopping so when Ken comes to my office it's a big relief. I need to look my best, but don't have the time or know how to do it right. I need to focus my energy on running my business and not waste my time driving all over the planet. Plus, his custom suits and custom shirts are outstanding AND less expensive than what you'd typically pay for an 'off the rack' suit at Nordstrom or Saks.

"I would recommend Ken to anyone who values their time and wants to make a great first impression."

Chris Winn

Certified Financial Planner

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Custom Tailored ClothingIs Like Fine Art
Clothing with a professionally tailored fit is like a work of fine art.

  • It’s beautiful
  • There’s painstaking attention to detail
  • It radiates style and distinction
  • It’s timeless

Now you can have custom-tailored clothing with exceptional fit and contemporary style that reflects your personality and creates a lasting impression.

However, unlike fine art, all this is available to you at affordable prices.

Our many clients, both men and women, know that each garment from our Hong Kong tailor workshops is a masterpiece, with meticulous attention paid to each detail of fabric and stitching.

Your personal preferences will be matched with clothes suited to your professional and social lifestyle. With our assistance, you’ll construct an entire wardrobe tailored to your precise measurements and individual requirements.

We specialize in fine bespoke garments for men and women made by Hong Kong tailors including:

  • Custom Dress Shirts
  • Custom Suits
  • Custom Sports Jackets
  • Custom Slacks
  • Custom Tuxedos
  • Custom Top Coats

During your initial free consultation, Master Tailor Ken Daswani and his associates will assess your requirements and discuss your options with you. You’ll be shown a variety of styles and fabric samples available, and we’ll assist you to choose the perfect garments to enhance your wardrobe.

Arrange an appointment for a free consultation by telephone or at your home or office.

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